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Beautiful Eva Green played Vesper Lynd in the remake of Casino Royale, being assigned to make sure Bond doesn't blow Her Majesty's Treasury's money in a car game with villain Le Chiffre. She saves Bond's life more than once before paying with her own. Eva Green has gone on to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars and not flind in bearing her awesome figure for her art, including some very explicit scenes in the arthouse movie The Dreamers. The World Is Not Enough - Denise Richards. Curvy Denise Richards played Dr. Christmas Jones in the Bond movie, The World Is Not Enough. Her character is a sexy nuclear physicist who Bond helps escape from an explosion.

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Crossfit has taken the fitness world by storm as of lately with all sorts of people jumping into the sport and making radical changes to their lives and bodies. There has been much debate surrounding crossfit as being a program that could potentially leave you with many unwanted injuries and such, as others have come to love the sport and embrace the culture wholeheartedly. The Crossfit games are even shown on TV as of recently and there has been much debate and criticism as to the safety of cross-fitters in general, due to the strenuous exercises and absolute need to maintain proper form throughout their workouts in order to not get injured. Many people have turned to Crossfit due to the cult like atmosphere and following that comes with it, as with any sport. I'm sure we can all agree as long as people are getting results and getting in shape, it doesn't really matter what sport you participate in. With that said, we've compiled a huge list of images that shows off some of the most beautiful women in Crossfit and their toned, muscular physiques that many strive for, especially celebrities who think using belly wraps to get abs. These ladies have put it all on the line in order to have the bodies of their dreams and we salute them and support whatever they're doing, whether Crossfit, weightlifting, or whatever sport they choose.