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Alternatively, skip the theatrics altogether, drink it with a straw or as a normal shooter and just enjoy it for its deliciousness. Relatively considered, the blowjob shot is quite mild in terms of alcohol content and its ingredients are inexpensive. For bartenders and home cocktail-enthusiasts alike, this is an essential shot recipe to know. Layering is a somewhat difficult bartending technique that makes a drink look more interesting by displaying its different ingredients in layers - as seen in the photo above. The easiest way to layer ingredients on top of each other is by slowly pouring the liquids down the back of a flat-top bar spoon hovering very closely over the liquid you want to layer it upon so it spreads evenly across its surface. Alternatively, you can pour the subsequent liquids on the back of a bar-spoon OR very carefully and slowly on the side of the glass. It requires steady hands and can take a while to master.

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