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This piece contains explicit imagery. Please consider it NSFW. A dude walks into a feminist art show- bada-bum. Yes, that is a fully contained joke. Behind the desk, there's an image of a beach hunk in a smiley-face T-shirt, followed by a Diane Arbus photograph of a "male primitive" with tattoos all over his face. The worst is a yellow carcass by Louise Bourgeois that looks like a cross between a melting penis and, as one critic put it, a " smooshed-up kebab " on a carving post. Cindy Sherman offers, instead of her romantic self-portraits celebrating the infinite play of female mutability, a muscle-bound plastic man-doll covered with hair.

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There are a few positive images. Betty Tompkins is represented by one of her blurry sex close-ups, at once romantic and clinical. Grace Graupe-Pillard supplies a lovely realist portrait of a young artist staring into his cell phone. The great Alice Neel has a painting of a blue-jeaned hippie, probably because the gallery couldn't get her brilliant portrait of the fantasist Joe Gould with three penises-even I find that one funny.

And then I see it: a giant erection lovingly encased in a fist and painted in luscious expressionist sweeps of red and white paint. It's heroic, monumental, gorgeous.

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There are no other colors, just black and white turned red and white by minimalism and lust, which suddenly seem like a perfect match. Red Handed, Again was the title.

So begins my introduction to Nicole Wittenberg. I track her down on the internet and learn that she first came to public attention when she was just and still a student at the San Francisco Art Institute-for paintings about suffering from scoliosis as a teenager.

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Here's how a critic for the San Francisco Chronicle described the result : "The young girl in the painting, naked, slim and pale, has ripped her body open to examine her organs. The image is immediately shocking but also strangely beautiful. Her subsequent rise came fast-inthe American Academy of Arts and Letters gave her its best young figurative painter award, praising her "unusual imagery and freshness.

She's been featured in group shows curated by artists such as the prominent figurative painter Alex Katz and s art superstar David Salle, known for his own use of sexual imagery in jumbled canvases that loot art history and contemporary life to celebrate information overload.

He praises her commitment to reinventing realism-or, as he puts it, "How do you describe a form? Traditionally, you do it by accentuating the lights and darks, which Nicole does in a kind of brutal way.

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I find Wittenberg's email address and write her. From the beginning, she's surprisingly personal and chatty: "What's wrong with oversharing?!

Isn't that a big part of being alive? I'm so annoyed by how much New York emulates Europe with all these stiff classist social conventions. Truth is, I have the fantasy of buying Red Handed, Again and have been trying to get her to state a price.

But she keeps dodging the question. Finally, she hints at the reason: "I must mention, a dick painting may be the most impossible thing to sell, ever.

That surprises me. Isn't modern art supposed to be scandalous?

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What about the shocks of surrealism and cubism? The outraged crowds at the famous Salon des Refuses show of ? Not when it comes to men, she replies. You can paint all the odalisques-reclining-on-a-couch you want, but the movie rule applies: no "pickle. Despite the frankness of our exchange, the promised studio visit keeps not happening. I wonder if all the sex talk makes it more unlikely. Isn't that why we cordon off sex, to contain its disruptive power?

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Finally, almost as an afterthought, I mention that my wife, Kathy, also paints male nudes, including one with an erection. Two days later, Kathy and I step off an elevator into Wittenberg's loft.

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It's a set decorator's dream of an artist's studio: the walls painted Platonic White, a hammock hanging between two I beams, the neon tumble of Chinatown six stories below. A miniature parrot flies around, occasionally coming to rest, like inspiration, on the artist's shoulder. We're barely inside when Wittenberg starts peppering Kathy with questions about her own work, curious what inspired the portrait I'd emailed, a frontal shot of a naked and obviously lustful young man.

As they talk, I get a chance to observe. At 8, Wittenberg is gorgeous in a low-key way you could pass on the street and only register a few steps later: wide-spaced eyes, full lips, hair chopped short as if she'd cut it herself in a mirror.

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No surprise that she's modeled for other artists. In manner, she's both intense and California casual, a mixture of her childhood in Marin County where her father was a lawyer, her mother an interior designer and tear and her spiritual home in downtown New York. Wittenberg says she started looking at porn around the same time that she decided she wanted to make art.

These days, Wittenberg says, she finds sources for many of her paintings on Internet sex sites. Although she didn't start painting sexual imagery untilshe says she started looking at porn around the same time that she decided she wanted to make art: "I was a virgin when I started watching that stuff.

Male artists have been painting the female nude for millennia. The worst is a yellow carcass by Louise Bourgeois that looks like a cross between a melting penis and, has ripped her body The website contains male body painting that models are required to be naked to show the art of male with hard painted penis and more. Created by paintpenis Media in category "Male body painting" The following files are in this category, out of total. (previous page) "Bodypainting", performance dans lexposition "Couleurs sur corps" (CNRS) .jpg 1, ? 1,; KB

I was like, Oh! That's attractive. Even then, at 1, 14, I already was really interested in the Renaissance artists, particularly Venetian painters like Veronese, Tintoretto, and Titian.

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They were making a lot of paintings of beautiful women, like a prostitute with gold coins falling on her. Women were shown in this very beautiful, very sexualized way that I thought was mysterious and fabulous.

At the time, Wittenberg was wearing a back brace for her scoliosis. She'd had two major spinal surgeries over a six-year period, with long recoveries where she got to gaze out the window and dream. After art school, she spent a year in Italy making sculptures in glass and copying classical paintings, then moved to New York and landed a job staging shows for installation artist Anthony McCall. Working with projectors and moving lights stoked her interest in the function of space and light, ideas she explores in her interior paintings.

But her desire to capture a modern sense of urgency prompted her to paint portraits based on images from long-distance Skype conversations with a friend in England. Then, while diverting herself with the gay site ManHub during a bout of pneumonia, she found herself contemplating sex as a subject.

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Setting the video to slo-mo, she began drawing the moving images as they crawled across the frame. As it happened, many of the moving images on ManHub were ManSpokes. This is where I should say something about the film critic Laura Mulvey and her theory about the "male gaze"-that the movie camera itself plays the role of voyeuristic male, implicating all viewers in the act of objectifying women and the world.

That's what most of the critics who saw The Female Gaze did. The Daily Beast called it "the best kind of payback," and the New Yorker invoked Freud's idea of schaulust : "the pleasure, always libidinal and sometimes pathological, of looking at someone else. But Mulvey's theory, like so many academic theories, is a little dopey. Who says that taking visual pleasure in a woman diminishes her?

And Wittenberg tells me she doesn't think her painting is angry.

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It's more "aggressive," she says, like the work of the male artists she admires. Probably the most famous piece of early feminist art-art with a distinct uplift-the-gender message-was Judy Chicago's The Dinner Partythe installation of Great Historical Vaginas now on permanent exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.

But Wittenberg introduces me to a group of female artists of the s and '70s who pioneered the painting of sexually explicit images of men as well, and soon I discover that the art world is in the midst of a veritable ManSpoke renaissance.

Early last year, the Dallas Contemporary mounted a retrospective called Black Sheep Feminism: The Art of Sexual Politicswhile the Mary Boone Gallery in New York City featured s-era antiwar artist Judith Bernstein under the title Dicks of Death -inspired by the scrawls on the walls of men's bathrooms, she drew cartoon penises shooting bullets or turning into giant menacing screws.

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