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Her rhythm began slowly, undulating her hips against mine, grinding her pubis into me. She leaned forward, causing her soft breasts to sway towards my mouth. She knew exactly what she was doing with that dick.

Even though she was young, she certainly already had a lot of experience. She first rode my dick facing me, and then she did it with her back towards me. That gave me an opportunity to spank her naughty ass, and she enjoyed it so much whenever I slapped her.

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I especially spanked her hard when I was fucking her in the doggy style. I then fucked her in a missionary position and squeezed her beautiful natural boobs. I then let her ride my dick like a cowgirl once again because I noticed that she likes that the most.

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Such a long and rough ramming later, he pulled out and shot a load all over her cute face and down her lusty throat. Satisfied, she leaned back to cuddle but the man pushed her away and went on with his business. There, her busty character was sucking and riding her partner hard, impaling herself onto his hard cock while he desperately tried not to cum.

On a quest to uncover the truth about her man she faces off against an erotic lineup of skilled opponents making a few intimate connections along the way. Years after a fatal car accident left Abigail widowed and blind, she lived in isolation, forever mourning the loss of her husband. Because he was a cop and tied into the justice system, it was easy for him to fake his death. After dealing a shitload of drugs, he had faked his death and left his wife without a husband and blind.

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After he took the bag of money, he grabbed his young girlfriend and took her to the bedroom, where he used to fuck his wife. There, he handcuffed her hands, took her pants off and started to eat her gorgeous pussy from behind, fondling both her holes with his tongue and lips.

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She was a blind woman and she was going to find out who was in her house. She was holding a hammer and despite the fact that she could not see, she somehow attacked the burglars. When her hands toud his face she realized that it was her husband! A few minutes later they had sex right in the living room when another woman was hiding in the house. The ex cop was going to grab the money, leave the house, and leave her hanging like that, but his wife realized his actual goals.

A lavish British redhead was taking a trip in her Supra with a girlfriend when navigation took them to some rather bad backroads. Sure enough, the hood started smoking and the car soon broke down. Desperate, the redhead went out to try and fix something but quickly realized she had to call assistance.

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Lucky for her, the guy who came to help was just to her liking. Not only that, but the girlfriend made a bet to pay for gas if the redhead gets the car fixed for free. The foxy redhead ended up bent over the hood as he removed her jeans and panties to expose that huge, bubbly ass.

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She wanted to eat her out so bad and when redhead bent over on her knees, she came behind her and started passionately teasing her already wet snatch.

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