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by Charlotte Andersen. The biological function of breasts work to keep babies fe of course, but somewhere along the way, boobs have become so much more. Related story Jessica Alba Wats Her Mouth to Teach Her Kids to Love Their Bodies. Along with your size, each shape supposedly dictates the type of bra you should wear. But then I got to thinking: Why stop at just seven shapes? My boobs have been way more than seven shapes during my lifetime. Painful, tender and sore are the trifecta of boobness for every girl whose breasts go through a monthly cycle just like her vagina.

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Her breasts look the way they do, she implied, because that's just how they are-and she shouldn't have to explain. Or defenses. RELATED: This Woman Felt Like a 'Fraud' on Social Media-So She Shared a Photo in Her Underwear to Show Her Real Self. Boggs continued that her boobs are just part of who she is. Her message was met with tons of love from her followers.

Big Boob Gifs and Photos - Find the most beautiful girls with big boobs at theCHIVE. of the hottest girls with big boobs. Keep Calm and Chive On! Grand Theft Auto V - Beautiful Photorealistic Ultra Graphics MOD New version of NaturalVision Remastered & REDUX texture pack and ReShadeNaturalVision Note: Celebrity breast sizes are about as stable as a house of cards in a wind tunnel. The sizes listed here, may not be the size that they are presently, will be tomorrow,or were 1 month ago

In two days, her post received over 18, likes and plus comments. Other women poured out their appreciation for her honesty and real photo. RELATED: This Woman's Stomach Photo 'Might Make You Uncomfortable'-and That's Exactly Why She Shared It.

Keep showing up and speaking the truth so many of us need to hear!! Post-weight-loss breasts can look less full and even have loose skin. Gaining weight, whether through puberty, pregnancy or just life, can really boost your bust.

Every woman gains weight differently, but often gaining a few pounds on the scale gives you a few more curves up top. Faces, hands and waistlines often get the most attention as women age, but getting older can mean big changes for breasts as well. Not only do they sag and wrinkle, but also they can show age spots.

Every breast cancer survivor is different, and so are their feelings about their breasts. Whether you have scars from a lumpectomy or a mastectomy or your skin has changed from motherapy or your medications have made them change size, it means developing a whole new relationship - not a worse one, just a different one.

Not every woman with breast cancer will need a mastectomy and not every woman who gets a mastectomy has cancerbut for those who do, it can be life changing.

Some women worry that not having their breasts, or not having breasts at all, will make them somehow less feminine. Yet others feel liberated from the fear and the disease. Some women celebrate their battle scars with tattoos while others use reconstructive surgery to get the boobs of their dreams. Just know that however you change your breasts, and however they change you, is the right way.

And breasts can be so, so comforting. Some women are naturally blessed with a perfect bust while others chose to pay for theirs. And when it comes to your body, there is no wrong path to self-love. You can put one on to look sexy or simply more proportional in clothing, and then you get to take it off and be free at night. Best of both worlds! Squashing boobs down to exercise, to fit in a button-down shirt or to play a boy in the musical Oliver!

just me? is a time-honored tradition.

Padded boobs Image: Giphy. Girls get made fun of for wearing padded bras, but the truth is they're an awesome compromise. You can put one on to look sexy or simply more proportional in clothing

Nothing like wearing a gray T-shirt in the summertime and seeing two damp circles spreading under your breasts. Boobs, especially when you smash them together in a sports bra or a push-up bra, can generate an astonishing amount of sweat.

But know this: Your boobs are great exactly the way they are.

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Anyone who gets to touch them should consider themselves darn lucky. Have you ever looked at a statue of the Venus de Milo and wondered how she was the standard of beauty for so many centuries?

Thanks to our modern technology such as shaping bras, Photoshop and the Internet, I think we sometimes forget what real breasts, just hanging out and doing their thing, really look like.

And if it takes a stone set of knockers to teach us about our flesh-and-blood set, then we should all look at more art.

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