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Romantic Lover I'm Puerto Rican an Black I was born in the states, I enjoyed dinners and romantic nights by the fire place on a cold night ;- I like to read romance and exrotic novels. Taking trips is fun with the Fun-loving Girl seeks Outgoing, Handsome Man. She implies that this means medieval people understood the Virgin Mary as a dark-skinned Jewish woman.

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And thus, they cannot be racist. This is not true; in that particular image Mary does not have dark skin, medieval European Christians did not generally think of her as dark-skinned, and many medieval people were racist though race and racism were very different then.

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There is a bigger question, however. Did medieval European Christians think of biblical characters-especially figures like the Virgin-as Jewish or dark-skinned?

And what does that mean about their perception of race? Thankfully, Marian at Mostly Medieval has already shown that the face of the Virgin in the Belle-Verriere was not originally intended to be dark.

AfterBelle Verriere underwent both restoration and cleaning ; the glass had its patina of age removed, and its cracks were fixed. You can see the results in this detailed photograph by Dr.

Stuart Watling right. As Marian noted, a restoration was undertaken inwhich replaced the previous glass-which was itself a restoration of unknown date!

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The brown mottling still evident on the panel as it has been restored today suggests either that it underwent the same browning corrosion which affected the medieval glass, in a process which accelerated in the twentieth centuryor that the restorer attempted to replicate the damage already evident in other medieval glass in the cathedral. Judging by the colour of her face in the many thirteenth-century windows at Chartres, it seems it would have been exceptional if she had been.

Song of Songs ]. In only two media in medieval art does the Virgin appear, at least on the face of it, to have been depicted with dark skin: wooden statues common in Western Europe, especially in France from the twelfth century onwards, and later, icon-like paintings to the east. Hundreds of medieval black Madonna statues have been found in Western Europe, many of them venerated as cult objects at various times during the Middle Ages and beyond.

However, it remains a subject of debate as to whether individual statues were originally intended to be blackor whether they have become so over time by either being painted or losing their paint.

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For example, the famous black Virgin of Montserrat rightand the Notre-Dame du Pilier statue at Chartres have recently been shown to have originally had much lighter skin tone.

The blackness of these statues and images became an essential part of why and how they were used in worship.

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However, this does not necessarily mean that that the blackness of the statues was ever clearly associated with the idea of dark skin or that the people who venerated them thought that the Virgin Mary herself had dark skin.

So if she was not depicted as dark-skinned, was the Virgin Mary depicted as Jewish? This is a more difficult question to answer.

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In medieval Christian art, Jewish men are usually denoted by the Judenhut Jewish hatsometimes by long beards, and frequently by anti-Semitic caricatures. But there is no standard way that medieval Europeans depicted Jewish women.

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Often they were portrayed in a way that does not mark them as different from Christian women -including showing no difference in skin tone. When they are depicted with negative stereotypes, they are depicted as sexually promiscuous.

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There are a few pieces of medieval art where Mary is shown unequivocally as Jewish. In fact, Jewishness was rarely associated with dark skin in medieval Christian art-it is likely that medieval Christian artists, especially those in Northern and Western Europe, were familiar with Jewish people in their own communities who likely did not necessarily have darker skin.

While medieval Christians, including artists, understood intellectually that Christ and Mary were both Jewish and from the Middle East, this was of not something that was generally emphasised in medieval art.

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And in the case of the Virgin, at least, there was no visual language of difference that could indicate that she was Jewish.

Even though the Virgin was not depicted as a person of colour, many people of colour are depicted in medieval images-if you want to explore some, see the excellent series The Image of the Black in Western Artor the popular soccerlockermb.com site People of Color in European Art History.

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It is clear that over the course of the Middle Ages, there was a developing tradition of depicting blackness in medieval European art. Was it because dark-skinned people were unknown to the artists?

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In twelfth-century Western Europe when the Chartres windows were made, images of sub-Saharan African people were rare. But they become more common in the later Middle Ages, reflecting increased contact between people of different cultures. However, in other works, the Queen of Sheba is depicted with light skin, as in one late-twelfth-century window at Canterbury Cathedral. In one fifteenth-century manuscript right she was originally depicted as light skinned, with blonde hair, but her skin was overpainted by a later illuminatorsuggesting that the later artist was aware of conflicting models for depicting the Old Testament queen.

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Should this then be interpreted as evidence for medieval racism? Were medieval Christian artists deliberately whitewashing a woman they believed to have dark skin in order to recreate her in their own image?

For the most part, medieval artists depicted the Virgin and other biblical characters in clothing and settings which mirrored their own-although that changed a bit in the later Middle Ages, when some artists attempted to historicise biblical depictions. But this does not mean that the practice of depicting Mary as a medieval European light-skinned woman was intended to remove an existing understanding of Mary as a person of colour from the visual record.

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Medieval artists did not inherit a tradition of depicting the Virgin with dark skin.

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