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Do you trust this Amber? It would be real easy to put a bullet between your eyes when you're sleeping. If he asks me to marry him, I'll tell him about us. Till that time, he can love me, and you can fuck me. Jack called Amber as soon as he hung up with Jo Ellen. It rang and rang before going to voicemail. I should have put it back in my backpack after I paid for the shower.

Jack had synced his phone with the Mercedes dash screen.

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He did a quick search as he drove and made an online booking. I'll meet you there. I've got to get to Reno before morning or it's going to cost me two hundred dollars. I'll meet you there in Winnemucca. I should be there in two hours. Just to get my purse and leave.

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Jack accelerated and pushed the Mercedes. Each time he passed a big rig, he wondered if it was her. He pulled into the Best Western, cked in and took his small carry-on up to the suite.

brilliant idea necessary

He didn't have to wait long. There was a knock on the door just ten minutes later. He opened the door and they stood looking at each other for a moment.

She laughed, but acquiesced and came in. He handed the purse to her. She was about to put it in her backpack, when he said, "Don't you want to make sure I haven't stolen your stuff? There was a fair bit of cash in there. She looked at him, trying to read the look on his face. Then she took her purse out of the backpack. She took out the cash and counted it. But now that you have more than you thought, you won't miss that on-time bonus as much. I don't want it. I don't fuck for money. I'm not a whore.

You're not far from Reno now, you can spend a few hours in bed and still make it there by morning. A couple hours. But then I've got to get back on the road.

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I always make it on time, I won't be late. It's not just money, it's my reputation. After a moment, she put her arms around him. He pulled her tank top over her head, then unzipped her leather skirt and it dropped to the plush carpet around her feet. She kicked off her ankle boots. He picked her up and carried her to the suite's king size bed in her bra and panties.

Do you really want to fuck me again right now?

I was convinced, so I started looking for an attorney. Again, I had no idea where to start so I started with the "A's" in the phone book. I made it to the D's before I found my man. David Denison and I hit it off immediately. His family had all been truckers, himself included, until he flipped his rig and was paralyzed from the waist down. He Amber cruised in the left lane, pushing the rig to its limit. The needle hovered just below ninety miles an hour. The roar of the big engine was music to her ears. Jack's semen continued ooze out of her pussy. Her panties were soaked now, her thighs were slippery with the sticky, gluey gel-like jism, and it wet her driver's seat. The smell of sex kept her aroused, and she had to fight the urge Sandy placed his rig into the water off of Foyers and followed the barrel as it drifted southwest toward Fort Augustus. It was a cloudy and cool day, and the loch was calm and still. After several miles, the barrel changed direction and began to move back up toward Foyers. Sandy's experience on the loch meant that he was familiar with its changing currents, which moved in opposite directions

He got in after her and pulled the covers up around both of them. He held her diminutive form in his powerful arms. But I can feel you against me.

All I can think about is how hard I came with you in me. So many times, that I lost count. But just a few minutes later, she was asleep. In repose, the years fell away - she looked like a teenager, even younger.

Jack kissed her forehead and then her eyelids before closing his eyes. Two hours later, Jack woke. He swiveled his head to look around the bedroom, unsure of what had woken him. He lay inert and listened, but there was no sound except for the highway buzz filtering in through the closed windows. Jo Ellen has got me on edgehe thought.

No one is going to find me here.

It wasn't on any plan or itinerary. But now that he was awake, he felt the immediacy of Amber's nearly naked body, tight against his. His organ responded as it always did, and his hardon grew rampant. Her back was to him, so he read around her and pulled down the cups of her bandeau bra. He gently massaged her sensitive nipples between thumb and forefinger.

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They responded in a miniature mimicking of his member, growing stiff, thick, and more prominent. Their redness looked jet black in the moonlight streaming in through the light curtains, and her skin looked silvery. He traced one hand down to her crotch and gently began stroking her vulva, round and around, brushing against her clit with each circuit. She moaned in her sleep, low and long.

He felt her growing moist and took a moment to lick her sexual juices off his fingers. Then he gently, ever so carefully, eased her panties off. Once he got them on her thighs, he stripped them off with subtle efficiency. He began to work on her bare clit now, with gentle tous that grew just a bit quicker.

Big rig sleeper sex

She moaned again. Her voice was far away, for she was still asleep. Jack adjusted his position behind her and used his hand to line up his engorged manhood between her buttocks, the cockhead poised at her moist, thick vulva lips.

Then he pushed his entire length into her all at once. He moved very gently, rocking back and forth, just an inch in and out. With the slow tempo and limited thrusting, her tight pussy created suction around his cock. It made a pleasing susurrating sound.

She sighed softly as he pressured her cervix with each unhurried thrust. He didn't speed up but kept going at the same pace. His hands found her small, firm breasts and teased her nipples again.

When she did so, her serpentine form was even more alluring.

He kissed her and tugged on her leather choker. Her breathing grew labored, as she felt the mild suffocation again.

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Her hands grd his wrists tightly and her body began to tense. Then, unfolding in slow motion, she began to cum. It was an orgasm unlike any she had had before.

Her contractions were wringing, but each built up gradually, coming out from deep inside her, advancing along her pussy walls till they read her vulva that squeezed the base of his shaft. Each sent a powerful impulse of pleasure to her brain, and she cried out, "Yes! OMIGOD, YES!! He came equally sedately. She felt him gushing deep inside her like a firehose, forcing a stream of thick, musky semen into her recesses.

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They lay together, still conjoined with his organ deep inside her as they wound down from their highs. The serenity made them lethargic. She felt his cock finally begin to deflate. As he lost his erection, he slid out of her pussy, slippery with their admixed sexual secretions. She felt his semen slowly seeping out of her on to the bedsheet.

It was thick, viscous, sticky, and had a strong, pungent smell. It was intensely masculine, and it made her want him to fuck her again. She rolled out of bed pulling her bra up over her breasts and hurriedly pulled on her tank top. She found her panties and slid them over her hips, unmindful of the semen dribbling out of her pussy.

She zipped up her skirt, stepped into her ankle boots, and picked up her backpack. Throwing her leather jacket over her arm, she headed for the door. She went out the door without replying or even turning her head. The door shut behind her and she was gone.

Amber cruised in the left lane, pushing the rig to its limit. The needle hovered just below ninety miles an hour.

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The roar of the big engine was music to her ears. Jack's semen continued ooze out of her pussy. Her panties were soaked now, her thighs were slippery with the sticky, gluey gel-like jism, and it wet her driver's seat.

The smell of sex kept her aroused, and she had to fight the urge to pull over and masturbate.

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But she made it to Reno by first light. She got her on-time bonus. Then she locked herself in her truck sleeper. She hiked up her skirt, took off her soaked panties, and worked her fingers fast and furiously on her pussy.

Thinking about Jack, she came almost immediately, letting out small screams. She didn't stop and came again. And again. Jack hooked his computer to the hotel internet first thing in the morning as he was sipping his coffee.

The fall sun was just rising, and it promised to be a lovely day.

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There was a new folder in his cloud folder entitled simply "Amber Callahan". He opened it. There was an enormous amount of information there - everything about Amber that was in the public record from her birth certificate onward, as well as photos drawn from social media and other public sites. He scrolled the documents quickly. At first, he was surprised, for the coincidence was extraordinary.

But as he looked through more and more documents and photos it became more obvious. Amber had two sisters - an older sister named Violet and a younger sister named Scarlett. There were several pictures of the Callahan sisters together.

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In several of them, Violet and Scarlett were in their flight attendants' uniforms. There could be no doubt. Jack had already fucked and impregnated both of Amber's sisters see my story, Scarlett's Wedding. It must be fatehe thought.

He wondered when they would find out. Three weeks later, Amber was on a short run to San Diego.

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She pulled into a truck stop for lunch, even though the thought of food made her sick. She had been feeling nauseous for days, throwing up frequently. Now her sensitive nipples were swollen and sore.

She walked into the driver's lounge and saw Matt, a fellow driver that she'd had sex with a few months earlier. She waved back without enthusiasm and walked straight into the ladies without saying anything to him.

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She threw up and leaned over the sink weakly. It's impossibleshe thought. It can't be. Disgruntled Trucker Crack Whore Sucks My Dick.

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