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The vulva is a portal for a variety of functions reproductive and excretory and has a unique role in sexual feelings and function. Because it is covered with both dry, squamous skin and moist mucous membrane, it is subject to diseases affecting both. Because of the close proximity of the rectum, intestinal bacteria anaerobes and coliforms are more or less constantly present to some degree. These may influence the type and course of infections in this area. The vulva may develop conditions both benign and malignant, symptomless, annoying, or even disabling. The larger lips, labia majora, extend from the mons pubis to the rectum. These are large, fleshy pads that cover the bony pubic rami.

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This tissue covers the clitoris, which lies just beneath the hood. The clitoris is characteristically firmer than the surrounding tissues, with a rubbery consistency.

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It has a high concentration of nerve endings and is extremely sensitive to touch and vibration. It is usually, but not always, the area of greatest sexual sensitivity.

During the early stages of sexual arousal, it swells and protrudes just beyond the clitoral hood. In the latter phases of arousal, it generally flattens and retracts back beneath the clitoral hood. The urethra lies between the clitoris and the vagina.

It conducts urine from the bladder to the outside. It is normally non-tender to light or moderate touch.

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When the labia are spread open, the hymen or remnants of the hymen are visualized. This ring-like structure is usually torn at first intercourse, leading to a small amount of bleeding.

For some women, insertion of tampons or other objects will lead to hymeneal rupture. After healing, only small bumps or flaps of skin remain.

The labia minora come together at the top of the vulva to form the clitoral hood. This tissue covers the clitoris, which lies just beneath the hood. The clitoris is characteristically firmer than the surrounding tissues, with a rubbery consistency. It has a high concentration of nerve endings and is extremely sensitive to touch and vibration. It is usually, but not always, the area of greatest sexual sensitivity.

Anatomic variation with hymens is considerable. Some are thin, stretchy, and so small as to be largely unnoticed. Others are thick and nearly impenetrable. Rarely, the hymen completely covers the vaginal opening, disallowing the passage of menstrual products.

Big fat girls vulva

Just inside the hymen is the beginning of the vagina. In contrast to the smooth vulvar skin, the vaginal skin has circumferential ridges rugae. The vagina is not cylindrical in shape, but more like a flattened cone, narrow at the vaginal opening, and widening as the vagina approas the cervix.

It is just fat and it is normal if you are overweight or used to be overweight. Some slender women also just naturally deposit more fat there than other places on their bodies, proportionately speaking. I did some research and found out that you can loose the fat in that area only by general weight loss or cosmetic liposuction. I personally like my extra cushioning there, and it is also a turn on for some guy. Jess Greenash has a "large vulva" and says her labia is "a lot longer than anybody else's that I've seen". She struggles to fit into size 10 jeans because, she says: "My flaps are too big." "I The mons pubis is a naturally fatty area. When you gain weight, more fat deposits can gather in this location. In some cases, your hormones may be to blame. You may notice that the size of your

The Flex kids have been out of school for various problems. In that class, I met a lovely blond girl with perfect makeup and a Louis Vuitton bag who seemed completely out of place. I asked the tear about her and was told that she had been recruited by a girl at school and trafficked to a small town where she was kept in a motel.

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That was the beginning of my research into teenage recruiters and the middle-class girls they target. This was a new kind of predator.

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Q: You were able to get parental permission to film the girls who were under age. A: Getting the releases was not difficult because the parents wanted to talk about this.

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There is no forum for them. There is no counselling.

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There is no social group for a mother whose teenage daughter is having sex with five men a night. The difficulty is for the mothers to finally take responsibility for what has happened to their daughters. The girls were okay talking about giving oral sex to a number of boys - they didn't stumble with the words or appear shy or ashamed.

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The reason they speak about it unflinchingly is because it has become as benign and as acceptable as kissing. This is what our culture has become. Think back to the '80s when girls would blush when talking about their first kiss.

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We are way past that point with blowjobs. The real question is, "What's next?

Q: A lot has been written about rainbow oral sex parties. What do the girls get out of it sexually?

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A: I think Heather, 16, explains it best. I liked hearing them make noises because it made me feel powerful to be able to affect someone in that way. I didn't know I had so much power. A: We failed our girls.

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What's happened to our girls? We have let Girls Gone Wild and the media culture define them.

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Q: What is the boys' role in all of this? Did any of them have to deal with the consequences? A: It is important to remember that the responsibility lies with parents, tears and adults.

WTF?! this girl has a Browse 28, fat girls stock photos and images available or search for fat women or chubby to find more great stock photos and pictures Fri., April 24, timer min. read. Middle-class Canadian girls are giving oral sex after school to pay for sweaters and handbags. Worlds away from the poverty, neglect and drug abuse that are

Your question suggests that another adolescent should take responsibility for what is happening. Boys are downloading pornography on their cellphones. This is how they are learning how they are supposed to treat girls.

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A: It is not as much a lesson as it is a warning. Who is going to save our girls?

You asked me about feminism. I interviewed Gloria Steinem, who was a voice for women.

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