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Disconnect Private Search is another private search engine solution for those who love results from Yahoo or Bing. In spite of having the results from the modern search engines, the toolbar can protect your privacy anywhere. Disconnect Private Search is a toolbar that you can install in Chrome or other browsers.

In addition to that, there is a web version you can try. Independent of the way you choose, Disconnect Private Search lets you be anonymous in the whole course of searching. The best part about the extension is that you can bring the feature into your URL bar.

Let that be about finding the best web browsers or about choosing the best custom ROM for your device, and Google would have an answer for you. In spite of all these, there are times when we want to get rid of Google and go for a privacy-friendly search engine or (more precisely) private search engines Is year-old model too young to wear sheer clothing? The "new face" of fashion empire Christian Dior is causing controversy for appearing in sheer attire despite being only 14 years old Thousands of tourists visit the Colombian coast every year. On the beas Venezuelan girls come in search of potential clients with hard currency, rather than the devalued Venezuelan bolivares

That is, you are going to search quite usually, but the results are privacy-protected. Google is not currently available in Disconnect Private Search, though others work fine.

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You can have privacy-friendly results from Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. As we discussed in the case of StartPage, you do not have to forget the usual experience of search engine results. On the other hand, you can get an ad-free, privacy friendly results that are free from the NSA-stuff too. In addition to protecting your privacy from search engines, Disconnect Private Search extends power to thousands of websites and your own ISP.

Moreover, the Chrome extension is lightweight and does not consume much memory. Do you want to protect your whole private sphere from tracking and the follow-up ads?

Then, Disconnect Private Search is one of the best private search engines you are looking for. What we saw above are the leaders of private search engine experience. Apart from these, there are some small yet useful private search engines.

Most of them depend on Google Search results with the help of proxies. That way, it is not possible for Google to track your information. Every bit of traffic is mediated by the search engine web servers.

Some of such engines are:. Also Read: How to Send an Anonymous Email from Anonymous Email Account? We have discussed the privacy factor in popular Search Engine services. We have mentioned three main private search engines as solutions and three other private search engines as sub-solutions for private search needs. Among the primary private search engines, DuckDuckGo is the standalone private search provider and has no connection with Google or Google Ads. Or, if you want to get all the Google features, you can go with the two others - StartPage or Disconnect Private Page.

DuckDuckGo remains our favorite, by the way. We loved its UI and features.

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So, you can choose the one among these private search engines you like in the list. However, you are going to have a Private Searching experience.

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WWW The Virtual Library also has a lot to offer. This hidden web search engine was created by Tim Berners-Lee and is the oldest deep web search engines out there. This dark search engine is not the most popular one out there but can say it was the first one of its kind. WWW Virtual Library has quite a few useful resources on different subjects. It arranges all the categories in alphabetical order, so they are easier to find.

You can choose from categories such as education, engineering, society, law, recreation, international affairs and more! If you are looking for an educational portal, then you should visit InfoPlease.

It features all sorts of additional features for you to use. The search bar is located on the upper right-hand corner for your searching needs. You can enjoy things such as almanacs, encyclopedias, an atlas, and biographies. Infoplease is not just a one of the best deep web search engines, but it also has additional tools such as a Calculator, Spell cker, Place, Finder, Periodic Table, Conversion Tool, Distance Calculator, Fact Monster, and a Perpetual Calendar.

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Besides the traditional things such as news, images, purchases, etc. it looks for its results from a large number of places. For example, it sears in directories such as Daypop, Blogdigger, IceRocket and more.

Since things change over time, when you go to Clutsy, you will notice a name change to Yippy. I kept the original name, just in case someone remembered it by that name. When you are looking for something on the Internet, one of those things are probably movies, audio or music, right?

The hidden web is also full of this stuff; you just have to know where to look. On The Internet Archive, you are going to have access to things such as movie, music, etc. that I mentioned earlier, but you can also enjoy printed materials.

Do you want to see what a particular website looked like back in the day? The Internet Archive also lets you see older and saved versions of sites, I hope you have time since there are over 55 billion sites to look at.

If you are looking for something that you would only find on a site from the government, then you might want to ck out Science. It is a site that explores over 60 databases and more than websites from 15 federal agencies. If you need certain information for that science project, this is the place to go. The site offers million pages of authoritative U. S government science information and development and research results are among that information.

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With Wolfram Alpha you get a computational web search engine, in other words, you can enjoy a deep web search engine that has a significant amount of data for you to take advantage of.

The site has categories such as:. Once you choose a topic, the site gives you so many options that you won?t know where to start. For example, let us say you choose mistry. In that category, you can either have the site give you mical formulas, mical quantities, mical solutions, functional groups, and the list keeps going. Hopefully, you will never have to search for something that happened to you, but if you ever get into any legal trouble, this is the place to go.

FindLaw is a site where you can have access to a vast repository of legal information you can use for free.

FindLaw has one of the biggest online lawyer directories you can find on the Internet.

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