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There is SO much more to your core than having six-pack abs. Want to squat heavy? You need a strong core. Like to improve your balance? You guessed it: strong core. Whatever your goals are, though, getting there means incorporating the best-of-the-best abs exercises into your routine.

Then, move hands and feet right for three steps.

Good for: obliques, rectus abdominis, transverse abs. Why it rocks: In addition to hitting your entire core, this more unusual movement pattern is great for coordination.

Keeping hips stable, head in line with tailbone, and knees lifted off of the floor, slowly step opposite hand and foot forward, repeating with other hand and foot for four steps total. Then, reverse the movement to step backward and return to start.

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Why it rocks: The bear crawl fires up all of your major muscle groups to improve your muscular endurance. Speed it up and you'll get some cardio perks, too. How to: Start on back with knees bent and feet on floor, hands by hips.

Lift st toward the ceiling, keeping neck relaxed and bringing shoulder blades off the ground. Tap right hand to outside of right ankle, flexing right obliques in the process. Come back to center, keeping shoulders off ground, then tap left hand to outside of left ankle.

Why it rocks: Easy-to-understand heel taps target your obliques in a big way. You'll feel the burn instantly. Keeping hips stable, head in line with tailbone, and knees lifted off of the floor, squeeze core to remain still.

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For an extra challenge, lift one hand up off the floor for a few seconds, then repeat with the other hand. Hold 0 to 60 seconds, then immediately continue on to your next move.

Good for: rectus abdominisobliques, transverse abs. Why it rocks: This deceivingly difficult move gives you the perfect opportunity to really squeeze and engage those abs muscles. How to: Sit on the floor and lean upper body back until abs are engaged. Legs should be lifted and bent at 90 degrees, and arms should be bent, hands cld, with elbows wide.

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This is your starting position. Rotate torso to right side so that right elbow is hovering just off mat. Keep lower body still while rotating upper body to left side until left elbow is just off mat. Return to start. Gaze follows hands as you move. Why it rocks: This classic obliques move is easy to modify. Make it easier by keeping feet planted, or up the intensity by hovering feet or holding a weight.

How to: Start on all fours, with hands stacked directly under shoulders, knees below hips, and a resistance band wrapped around feet. Keeping torso still and core engaged, simultaneously extend right arm straight out in front of body and left leg straight back behind body.

Then, bring right elbow and left knee in beneath torso to touch. Repeat on the opposite side. Continue for 0, then repeat on the other side and immediately continue on to your next move.

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Good for: rectus abdominis, transverse abs. Why it rocks: This banded move comes with the added bonus of working your core and glutes.

The 5 Best Ab Exercises for Women Medically reviewed by Gregory Minnis, DPT - Written by Jessica Timmons - ated on October 7, For many women, achieving a lean midsection is no easy feat   We have 25 photos of fit female celebrities who are rocking some awesome abs. From Jada Pinkett Smith's chiseled body to Kaley Cuoco's tight core, get inspired by their learn their workout tips on how to score some amazing abs for yourself. See the stunning celebs Bianca Mendez   Six-pack secrets revealed! While plenty of Hollywood beauties show off their buff arms and gorgeous, mile-long legs on the carpet and in their street fashion, seriously toned abs are the hardest #

How to: Start by lying on back with hands at sides and legs straight, feet flexed. Bring left knee and right hand together at hip level and actively push them into each other until abs begin to tremble. Hold for 10 seconds, then switch sides. Why it rocks: This move is beginner-friendly, easy on your head and neck, and quick to make your six-pack muscles shake.

How to: Start in kneeling plank position with forearms on stability ball and body in a straight line from head to knees.

Engage abs and move forearms in a full circle so the stability ball moves as well while keeping the rest of your body still.

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Continue in one direction for 0, then repeat in the other direction and immediately continue on to your next move. Why it rocks: The instability of the ball in this advanced move makes for a unique and intense! challenge for your core muscles. How to: Start on back, with knees bent, feet on floor about six ins from butt, and hands behind head.

Crunch st up toward the ceiling three times, keeping lower back pressed into the mat. Then, bring shoulders down to rest on mat.

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Keeping feet flexed, lift heels straight up toward the ceiling three times, bringing hips two to three ins off the mat each time. Good for: rectus abdominis. Why it rocks: This combo move targets your six-pack muscles from top to bottom and makes it easier to churn out lots of reps without tweaking your neck.

How to: Start lying on back with legs extended and arms by sides, both on mat. In one movement, lift upper body, arms, and legs, coming to balance on tailbone, forming a "V" shape with body.

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Lower back down. Why it rocks: Because it involves lifting your arms and legs, t his difficult move gets your heart rate up while pushing your core strength to its limit.

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How A Water Bottle Becomes A Pair Of Leggings. Spicy Chocolate-Dipped Clementines Recipes. But with continuous effort and the right exercises, you can achieve a toned stomach and a stronger core. Though we call this a workout for the abdomen, we address all the muscles in your abdomen and your core, including your transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, obliques, and back hip flexors, and all other adjacent stabilizing muscles. Some of these will even work your entire body.

For the best results, use a workout containing some of the following exercises three times a week. That will help increase muscle definition. The best ab exercises for at home will improve core strength with minimal equipment and no exercise machines.

You want workouts that are appropriate for a beginner, but with modification, are perfect for an athlete. The core exercises for women on this list are practical exercises. They can be done anywhere and do not require equipment.

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We like these because you can use them to get a quick workout in on a break from work, while at home watching a movie, or in the park. Then, take several from the list, create a body fat burning circuit, or set a timer for a powerful minute ab workout.

Want to add more core engagement? Elevate by having either your arms or your feet on a Swiss ball. The effort to maintain balance and proper form will use all your core muscles.

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Not only is this workout great for your stomach region, but it also will build muscle in your triceps. Note: if you have a dumbbell, you can add intensity by holding it and tapping the floor as you twist.

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The bicycle crunch is a great ab workout trainers have loved for years, with good reason. As opposed to the regular crunch, the twisting movement hits your oblique muscles. if you also feel this one in your quads! As mentioned, Mountain Climbers and the Cross-body Mountain Climbers variation are one of the best ab exercises to build strength and get your heart rate up.

You may also feel this one in your calves. Leg Lifts, also known as Leg Raises, seem simple but pack a powerful punch to our rectus abdominis. Note: if you have back pain, this may not be a good exercise for you.

Seek medical advice before adding these to your home workout. Tip: Keep your weight in your arms to make jumping in and out easier.

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Note: If this is too hard on your wrists, you can also do this in the forearm plank position. Note: Reverse cruns where you lift your lower body instead of your upper body are another great addition to your training routine.

Boat poses, otherwise known as hollow holds, are a great static hold that you will feel in your midsection!

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This is your ultimate abs workout at sheet. Now you have enough variety of exercises for your abs to create the perfect routine that will score you amazing visible abs. Dawn Highhouse holds personal training and nutrition certifications from ISSA and Precision Nutrition. Dawn also graduated from Davenport University with a B.

in Business with a Minor in Humanities.

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