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Growing up is all about rediscovering yourself. Teenage is the threshold of adulthood, and it is a stage in which you are pretty conscious about your appearance. You find yourself experimenting with everything - trying to discover a whole new world of makeup, beauty, skincare, and what not! You try, you fail, and then you try again. These beauty tips for teenage girls can help you achieve that.

Keeping your legs outstretd, slowly slide off the chair while lowering yourself. Your arms should reach a degree angle before you pull yourself back up.

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Repeat several times for one set. Using a yoga mat, lay on your left side with your left hand facing palm down on the floor to balance your weight.

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Then, raise your right leg up and hold, pointing the toe. Do several repetitions before switching to the other side. Start with right knee slightly bent and left leg forward in lunge position. Keep your hands at your sides or on your hips for balance.

Teens - Full Body 10 Minute Teen Routine

Then, jump in the air while switching to the opposite leg, landing in lunge position. For added intensity, keep one arm raised above the head and switch to the opposite arm during the jump. Repeat several times for one interval.

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Stand straight with hands resting on the hips. Then, bend your knees and lower your glutes into the squat position, being careful not to push your knees to far forward.

You should feel your glutes working. For an added cardio challenge, repeat these squats at a rapid pace for at least 60 seconds and rest. To get that cardio worked into the fitness routine, jumping rope makes a great option.

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This movement will bring the heart rate up in vigorous exercise while working on core balance. Beginners should work up to the intensity by jumping rope for a short interval and increasing that rate over time.

Start in plank position with elbows resting on a mat or cushioned area and body raised off the floor.

Keep the feet and elbows about shoulder-width apart. Lift one leg off the mat, pressing up on the glutes. Then, push the raised leg off to one side and hold. Return to normal plank position and repeat with the opposite leg. Keeping elbows tucked in, bring the weights up to shoulder level, then push them above your head. Bring them back down to your shoulders and finally by your sides again.

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To work even more muscle groups, alternate pushing up into a shoulder press with bringing the hands in front of you for a st press. This also prevents acne and dark circles. Lipstick tends to dry your lips out and makes chapped lips worse. Instead, go for a hydrating tinted lip balm.

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Hot oil massages are extremely good for your scalp and hair and are relaxing as well. Do this twice a week to keep your hair healthy. Conditioning protects your hair from UV damage and pollution.

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You may be tempted to try the latest hair color trends - blond highlights, silver bangs, etc. However, straying too far from your natural hair color is not good for your hair.

29 Impressive Workout For Teenage Girls - MomJunction   READ: Best Detox Drinks to Cleanse Your Body. Challenging Exercises for Teenage Girls. During exercise, teenage girls should practice care by slowly increasing the workout intensity. Setting weekly or daily goals may help them limit the intensity while still challenging and conditioning themselves. As always, they should talk about their fitness with a doctor before beginning a rigorous   A negative body image can harm girls' nutrition, causing them to skip meals or take diet pills. Some girls might try to control their weight by smoking or change their appearance by buying beauty products or getting cosmetic surgery. Having a negative body image might affect a girl's comfort with her sexuality or reproductive body functions, such as menstruation or breast-feeding, as she gets

Try to keep it close to your natural hair color. Shampoos are meant for your scalp and conditioners for the shaft of your hair. No matter what your age is, this rule does not change. Shampooing the tips will end up stripping away too many natural oils, and applying conditioner to the scalp will make your hair greasy.

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Teenage is the time when you tend to experiment with makeup. If you are someone who is just learning the difference between BB, CC, DD, and EE creams, these tips will come handy. As a teenager, you need to be very careful about your makeup choices. During this phase, your skin tends to react a lot to products, and you may even experience breakouts. Given below are a few tips to make it easier for you. Different brands and types of makeup contain different ingredients.

Always try it on your skin to find out whether it suits you or not. If possible, ask for samples at the store. ck if it is causing breakouts.

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Some makeup tricks look good only on grown-ups. For instance, the gothic look with smokey eyes and dark lips suits runway models, but at your tender age, and on your young face, it will look tacky.

Best teen girl body

Have pretty eyes? Line them correctly to highlight them.

Have full lips? Why not line them and put on some gloss or lipstick? Do not use too much foundation on your skin. This is because your skin is tender and needs to breathe.

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Too much foundation clogs the pores and makes your makeup look fake and cakey. If you have acne-prone skin, using a foundation can worsen your condition. Ideally, you should use a concealer to hide the blemishes and a tinted moisturizer on your face you can even use a BB or CC cream. Simplicity is the best policy.

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However, overdoing anything will make you appear like a clown instead of a diva. Here are some basic but important fashion tips to keep in mind when you are in the mood to experiment. Being a teenager gives you the liberty to experiment with styles and colors. While you can color your hair electric blue and wear a canary yellow shirt with lime green pants, and yet not get punished for it, learn how to strike a balance. Avoid mixing more than three colors in a dress. Also, if you are wearing printed or embroidered tops, wear solid skirts or pants.

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Accessories are your best friends! A pendant, earrings, a bracelet, a watch, or a hairpin adds a personal touch to your personality.

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Keep them handy and mix and match whenever possible. For instance, if you are wearing a blingy watch, avoid wearing any other accessories. Let it be the focal point of your ensemble.

This is a fashion trend that never goes wrong and is easily customizable. You can try layering funky and colorful clothes.

For instance, a dark vest with a bright floral and printed jacket or a shirt with denim pants can never go wrong. A suitable belt can transform the most mundane outfit into something chic.

The right belt will accentuate your figure and make your waist appear slimmer. A chunky wide belt over a cardigan or a low slung belt on a maxi dress or layered with a boyfriend sweater adds an eccentric touch to your attire. Tucking your tees and shirts in the right way is an art.

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And the half-tuck style is a favorite of all fashion-conscious teens. For the right impact and effect, tuck the front of your tee and let the tail hang.

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Above all, taking care of your overall health is equally important. Unless you are healthy from within, it will not show on your face and skin. If you want to look pretty even without makeup, follow a healthy lifestyle.

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