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Every woman has one or two tricks up her sleeve that get her and her partner going every time. Add them to your arsenal, and get ready for an amazing between the sheets session. The way he pulled the fabric aside caused it to rub against my clitoris, which felt really great. He went down on me for an hour, even after I had an orgasm. We had little breaks in between, but what was incredible was the permission to have so much time to focus on my pleasure.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Mountain Climbers Challenge Men Over 40's Cores. This High-Protein Seafood Stew Is a Bowl of Good. Don't Believe the 'Performance Beer' Hype. Lauren-green Thanks for the mho :P.

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How does Vaginal Intercourse feels like for Girls, without any Clitoral Stimulation? sagarnaik Well, usually the clitoris is always stimulated at least a bit by the friction during penetration.

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But penetration itself also feels highly pleasurable, it just won't make us cum by itself. sagarnaik I'm not gonna go into details of something as intimate as this with some random dude on the internet.

Ok, But Tell me that, Vaginal Intercourse feels more Pleasurable than Clitoral Stimulation? sagarnaik I already explained this to you. Tracey never has amazing mind blowing sex.

sagarnaik sometimes it feels great. sometimes I need a little rub But, Which one is feels more Pleasurable for you, Clitoral Stimulation or Vaginal Intercourse?

Sex where we took our clothes off going through the house and ended up laying in the doorway to my bedroom with my pants down around my ankles and her dress just pulled up over her head. We couldn't wait. Or the time we were going at it and once we were finished we noticed that the bed had been moved to the middle of the floor. I miss her Is the best sex you've had with clients or does it tend to be with boyfriends? One of the best sexual experiences I've had was the first time for me and a guy I dated, which sounds unheard of, but we had had great communication before having sex, so it only made sense that

sagarnaik vaginal. Lauren-green Yoda. From your experience who was the best sex you've had? Hopefully yours will fit with one of the options I've given, otherwise just select "other" and feel free to comment who it was!

My ex. Vote A. My current partner.

Vote B. My first time. Vote C. A one night stand. Vote D. Vote E. Vote F. Vote G. Select age and gender to cast your vote:.

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Who was the best sex you've had? Add Opinion. Bluebot Xper 6. tbh it was a Hookup.

What's The Best Sex You've Ever Had?

I?ve never went that long with anyone before and we seriously couldnt even sleep after since both of us had to get up to work lmao went 8 hours and needless to say we were sore after lol Wbu?

My ex sort of thing and we went for hours as well and it was fucking amazing. agreed, the long sessions are the best :D. Show All Show Less.

Nayrr Yoda. Best 0 seconds of my life.

Tracey 69 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. I say current partner. But maybe I block memories, lol.

It's amazing with him, but I tend to be current focused. PrincessGrail Master.

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A, B, D and E all apply Sorry. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I'd like to tell a hot, romantic story about some fantasy fukk, but that's not what it was. When I was overseas in service, I acquired the services of a "sex worker".

I had a personal conviction to not have intercourse outside of a relationship, so I tailored her service to get me off as best she could. It was a combination hand job and blow job. I liked it a lot but it was becoming clear I wasn't going to get over the top and she was beginning to run up against time. I had never had that done for me but had fiddled with toys myself without any satisfaction.

The thrill was insane: a new guy, a crazy new experience, the risk of discovery. Even better was trying to be quiet.

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When I was about to climax, he gave me his shirt to bite down on. It smelled like his cologne, and my orgasm was seismic.

WHY IT WORKED The fear of being caught sends a gusher of adrenaline and endorphins through your system, heightening the passion, says Jenn Gunsaullus, Ph.

But there's a subtler kick too: Fooling around in secret makes you both feel that you're sharing a special bond-and that connection can linger after the act. DO IT Maybe humping in the break room isn't a career risk worth taking. So draw out the anticipation by limiting workplace escapades to kissing, touching, rubbing-everything but the big finale, Gunsaullus says.

Stopping at PG until later is the kind of slow-build foreplay that women love. The thrill of arousal in a public place will make the later release more intense.

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A few months ago I was in bed with my husband when, in the middle of foreplay, he started making a bunch of requests. Now to hear my husband actually ask for something specific? That was new-and incredibly sexy. It gave everything he was doing to me a much greater sense of intention.

When he asked for a certain kind of kiss or touch, everything felt more deliberate and meaningful.

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And as a result, the sex was better than ever. Talking our way through it made me feel as if we weren't just frolicking in our separate sexual worlds, but rather acting in concert to create a mutually pleasurable experience. WHY IT WORKED She craves your feedback in bed.

It's partly because of evolution, says Paul Hokemeyer, Ph. DO IT Start with simple requests, like "Kiss me" or "Come closer," before directing her down below, says Men's Health sex advisor Debby Herbenick, Ph.

If she speaks up or guides you, go with it. That shows you care about her pleasure too. A friends-with-benefits guy I know asked me if I was open to a threesome with another woman.

I was curious, so he arranged a dinner at his apartment. When the woman walked in, I was blown away: skintight sweater dress, tall boots, flowing curly hair. At that moment, I knew what it felt like to be a teenage boy.

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I just wanted her. I was nervous as we got into bed, but she'd clearly done this before. She asked, "Do you like to be licked or sucked?

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I started kissing my friend, and then she came over and kissed me. Meanwhile, my friend was touching my breasts.

5 of "My favorite sex is either really loud sex or really quiet sex. One time, my boyfriend and I were staying at a friend's apartment. She has paper-thin walls, so we had nearly silent I had never had that done for me but had fiddled with toys myself without any satisfaction. But she was very skilled at it and was pushing buttons I did not know I had. Immediately, my arousal skyrocketed and I gained full hardness. I felt an urgency like a panic attack without the fear. She was paying close attention to my reactions (and to the clock) and edged me a bit. She finally let me cum in an extremely intense, I got there at like 9 and we had sex right away for like 2 hours. then we stopped and smoked and talked for an hour or so and did it again for like another hour. then at like 1 or 2 am we finally crashed and woke up at 6 am. I swear that shit was soooo nice, the sun was rising and he had all his windows open so it was breezy as fuck, and we did it again like half asleep randomly. then we fell back asleep and woke

There were so many possibilities. It was such a turn-on to have sex with my friend while she watd, and then to have sex with her while he watd. This was sex amplified. Everything felt a hundred times more intense. WHY IT WORKED People who are open to trying new things in bed report the highest levels of sexual satisfaction, Herbenick says.

And a willingness to negotiate risky boundaries can bring you closer together, Gunsaullus says. DO IT Work out the details of a three-way ahead of time, Gunsaullus says.

Best sex you ve had

Discuss boundaries, and consider leaving close friends out of it; a Canadian study found that women experienced greater physical arousal at the idea of having sex with strangers than at the thought of having sex with friends. I was washing the dishes after a romantic dinner but really hoping he'd interrupt. I was wearing my sexy best-thigh-highs and a short skirt-and was horny as hell. When he came into the kitn and slipped his arms around my waist, I was up to my elbows in suds.

He held me tight and kissed the back of my neck.

What's the best/wildest sex you've ever had? When deciding on the best/wildest sexual experience of your life there are, of course, a ton of factors to consider. Obviously things like location come into play. Anywhere you can get down and dirty with a stellar view, or get away with doing the deed in a semi-public place obviously earns some best sex points. Who you're doing it with is obviously Dp is best sex I've had, and I thought dp's best sex was with someone else. But I read him my previous reply to previous thread (and op) and he was and said I'm best sex he's had, because he's never been in love with anyone like he has me will happily pass anyone the sick bucket who needs it and naughty sex (he described a few of our kinkier moments) with someone you love is way better than with someone Have more meaningful conversations with {THE AND} relationship card game: into your relationships with {THE AND} mobile ap

I tried to turn around, but he wouldn't let me. Instead, he bent me over the sink and pulled up my skirt.

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