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You know that feeling post-breakup when your sex drive is suddenly out of control? Just me? Not sorry. Then there's that saying: The best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. I'm not saying that's necessarily a good idea, but hey, it could be fun.

He eventually started going down on meand when I came, it was one of those orgasms that felt like someone was dragging their fingernails down your body again and again and again, then you feel heat and chills, and then finally you tip over into your orgasm.

He came immediately after I did, and the feeling was so intense I couldn't stop thinking about having sex while high again for the next few days. He was a Bad Idea: very transparent about baggage in the midst of his divorce, short temper, heavy smoker, drinker, etc.

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The very best orgasm came about when we both came at once after a particularly heated romp. My eyes were shut super-tight and I saw purple sparkles, then nothing, and then I swear to god I went deaf for a second.

WILDEST SEX STORIES but im wine drunk + stoned

I have yet to orgasm vaginally, but my clitoral orgasms are wonderful, especially with the addition of penetration.

She really knew me and my orgasms pretty well, so she knew it felt good to pulse her curled fingers into my G-spot right when I was about to orgasm from her licking my clitoris.

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I lost it and squirted all over her arm. I truly orgasmed from her oral alone but the G-spot stimulation put me over the edge.

One day, I was cooking dinner and had spontaneous kitn sex with my very well-endowed boyfriend with him standing on the ground and me sitting on the counterand I had the first vaginal orgasm of my life.

Something about the angle and the sexy spontaneity made it happen.

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It felt like ripples of pleasure through my whole body. I think it was the best because I was just so shocked that I was capable of that after all, and I certainly did my best to keep it up from then on.

  "The best orgasm I've ever had happened in my partner's family cottage. His parents were of course there, so we'd sneak out to have sex on the dock. One night, he Occupation: Sex & Relationships Editor 7 Women Share The Most OMG-Worthy Rebound Sex They've Ever Had. Type keyword (s) to search. Today's Top Stories. 1. Normani Is More Confident Than Ever Before. 2. Filters, FaceTune, And Your   I was a first year nursing student and me and my best friend were at his older sister's apartment alone reading Joy of Sex and laughing. We split

We were still in that 'gotta have you' stage, and it was like months of foreplay led up to this whole new level of sex. It just felt like I was so much closer to him and felt more intense and the feel of skin against skin was the perfect addition to that combination.

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I had just gotten on birth control and was so excited to have him come inside me that I came so hard I blacked out. An hour of breast play gets me super in the mood, and I love the combination of cozy and naughty.

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He likes how excited I get, and the more excited I act, the more into it I am. Pleasure is really fun when you just let go.

Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, girl plans sexcation to Amsterdam so they can have a no-strings threesome. It's 8pm on a Sunday night and my husband Matt* and I are lying on a hotel bed in

The tight entry feels great, and I almost always orgasm from this position. The cold of the ice followed by the warmth of his tongue is an incredible sensation.

  Jim asked, winking. My skin prickled. "No," I said, looking him in the eye. "No, I can't.". From then on we flirted our way through the job. There was even a moment when he asked me to Belle de Jour. This movie is a total classic, and stars none other than known bombshell Catherine Deneuve as a woman who decides to become a prostitute during the afternoons. (Yes, the title The diaries of single lady life. Read through our hottest sex stories for real women by real women

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MORE: Have Great Morning Sex. about some of our favorite moments from the night before. The replay is hot, and it also helps us figure out what really gets us going.

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5 of "My favorite sex is either really loud sex or really quiet sex. One time, my boyfriend and I were staying at a friend's apartment. She has paper-thin walls, so we had nearly silent "My best sex ever was while my boyfriend watd" Gemma* allowed him to live out his voyeuristic fantasies, and loved it herself. As told to Katreen Hardt   I was wearing my sexy best-thigh-highs and a short skirt-and was horny as hell. When he came into the kitn and slipped his arms around my Author: Miko Lim

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