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Oral sex is one of the most intimate things you can do with a partner, not to mention, it also feels really effing good for whoever is receiving it. Seeing your partner in the throes of passion can also be a huge ego boosting turn-on for the giver as well, which kinda makes oral sex a win-win. If you wanna make sure your oral game is the best it can be when it comes to not only giving but also receiving, read on. Just like everything else with sex, getting crafty and mixing it up with a new trick or two is pretty low-risk, high-reward. tips to make sure you and your partner are both on the absolute top of your oral game. Sex expert Tyomi Morgan recommends a massage wand like the Charmed wand by Sweet Vibes.

If your partner has a clitoris, alternate between tickling the sensitive spot with the tip of your tongue and sucking it.

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A little tongue action can also be very hot for those who enjoy it, as the entrance to the vagina is packed with nerve-endings. One of the best ways to spice up oral sex is by incorporating a toy, and Howard's recommendation is a bullet vibrator. According to Engle, showing interest in what brings your partner s pleasure is a huge turn-on.

Engle says simply asking your partner what they like can help you figure out what makes them feel good and it also makes for some titillating dirty talk. If they aren't sure what they likes well, then there is plenty of room for experimentation. Any partner who you have going down on you should be a partner you trust to take your directions as an adult, period.

  Try the Wrist Twist: With your mouth on his penis (this is still oral sex), rotate your firm wrist in clockwise circles as you move your hand up and   "The foreskin is a great place to tease with oral sex," says Marsh. As he gets more erect, use your tongue to gently push the foreskin back with your tongue and lips   RELATED: The Best Oral Sex Positions, Revealed (With Illustrations!) "Cunnilingus can be done in many positions - from the typical missionary style to face-sitting to licking her from the back Author: Alex Manley

As Engle points out, you're not in a movie theater - when you're downtown, go ahead and make some noise! I wish I could hurry this up and orgasm,'" Engle says.

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In general, society tends to be a little orgasm-obsessed. Oral sex is a great way to pleasure your partner without worrying about getting them off, so focus on the journey, and not the destination.

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Spring Dinner Ideas. Welcome Spring With These Beautiful Wreaths. Consent is the most important thing, period.

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Have a conversation before. Encouragement is essential. Get in the right frame of mind. Here's more on how to get into butt play if you're new to it.

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This take on face-sitting offers a new twist. It's like reverse rider or cowgirlonly you might actually have an orgasm this time the thigh burn is so real.

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The giver lies flat while the receiver kneels over their face, facing their feet, knees on either side of the giver's head. You can place hands on your partner's st, hips, or the bed for balance. Stay on your hands and knees, allowing yourself to be the solo-pleasured partner, or turn the position into a 69 by leaning forward to pleasure your partner with your hands or mouth.

Keep in mind that if your partner has facial hair, this might not be the best oral sex position for you as putting your vulva that near their chin can cause chaffing.

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Lean your back against the wall or a door. Have your partner kneel in front of you and go down on you. If it's comfortable, place a foot or leg on your partner's shoulder to give them more access to your clitoris.

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Don't be afraid to get a toy in on the action with this oral sex position. There are so many amazing options to try, like the Gigi 2 from Lelo the girthy head is great for G-spot stimulation or the Le Wand Petite to stimulate the mons pubis from above or the vaginal opening while your partner is stimulating the clitoris.

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The Best Oral Sex Positions for Women. By Gigi Engle ated January 26, Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.

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Credit: Ana Ceyala. Add to your sexual menu with these new ideas for the best oral sex positions, and take your oral pleasure to new heights. Start Slideshow.

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  5. Don't be afraid to get vocal or make some noise (even a long "mhm" works here!) Not only is being vocal during sex a turn on, the noises you make may create small vibrations, says Menezes   I define oral sex as the act of orally stimulating your partners' genitals with your mouth, tongue, and lips - which could include sucking or licking of the penis (fellatio), vulva (cunnilingus   Oral Sex Guide: What Women Really Want 1. Take the initiative. Only about 4 percent of women can climax through penetration alone (most need direct clitoral 2. Be flexible. One ex might have loved your go-to oral sex move while another

oral-sex-positions-DoggyStyle-Oral Image zoom. indigo books. The Best Oral Sex Ever - His Guide to Going Down by Yvonne K Fulbright.

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  The best barrier method you can use when giving oral to someone with a vulva is a dental dam. This is a thin latex barrier that you place over the vulva. You Author: Adrienne Santos-Longhurst

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  Face-sitting is one of the best oral sex positions for those looking for a bit of Domme-energy power-play while giving you a bit more control over the action. The giver lies flat while the receiver kneels over their face, facing their head, knees on either side of the giver's head. You might want to rest your arms over your headboard to lift your vulva slightly so as not to put too much pressure on your   One of the best ways to spice up oral sex is by incorporating a toy, and Howard's recommendation is a bullet vibrator. "You can insert the bullet into the anus while performing fellatio or   Sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright exposes the facts and fantastic tricks oral sex aficionados live by in her brazen how-to for men. This guide gives you the tools you need to thrill her every night, including: Making cunnilingus the evening''s main course or the first stop in a night of multiple orgasms Techniques from the sacred "Flutter of the Butterfly" to modern Oral Sex Acrobatics How to overcome any woman''s oral sex hangups How to broach the subject of wanting to give her oral sex

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