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Yes, as easily as it vanished, the good ship Lazarus rises and takes its rightful place in the harbor.

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Once you set sail, your crew magically returnsnever mentioning the unspeakable thing that happened to them, singing the same goddamn songs over and over again in the hope that this, if nothing else, will suppress the memory. Aside from some historically bad voice actingthe Resident Evil series isn't known for its sense of humor.

Cyberpunk nudity glits: exposed genitals, breasts and naked driving ^ SHARE. TWEET. Cyberpunk nudity glits: exposed genitals, breasts and naked driving. by Marcos Thadani Last ated on Dec 16, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) ADVERTISEMENT. It was CD Projekt Red's long-awaited role-playing game Cyberpunk is out now, and players are running into some surprising glits. The game isn't running very well at all on PlayStation 4 and The best part is that if the characters die during a conversation - something that's just not supposed to happen - the game will rule it as natural causes and won't send any goons after you. (Please do not exploit this loophole in real life, or society is doomed.) This does make things a little too easy, though. Fortunately, the more recent games have made the act of killing much more

Unless, of course, you come across the right glitch, such as the one we get during the epic climax of Resident Evil 4. Leon Kennedy has just rescued Ashley Graham, the President's daughter, who was being held captive by a dwarf who commands an army of monsters and a giant robot. The zombie-infested facility they're in is about to self-destruct, and their only method of escape is a nearby jet ski.

You have the key for it, but if you dick around in your inventory before selecting it, you trigger something called the Ditman glitch. And then this happens:.

A place to discuss and share GTA V glits. Question posts and ACT II/Bogdan posts are NOT allowed unless in relation to a patch. Posting either of these will result in a temporary ban. Further offenses may lead to a permanent ban. ? ? ? ? Discord: k. Members. Online. Created Nov 18, Filter by flair. Mod Post. Solo Glitch. Glitch. Speculation Next Happy Wheels - Happy Wheels - out Minecraft: Netflix for Audience! http Join the web's most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads

Capcom One good game is worth a thousand glits. Bound to fall in love. Thanks to previously-unannounced warlock powers, Leon darts off on his own, leaving both Ashley and the Kawasaki behind, Leon floating along on what is presumably a blast of magic emanating from his asshole.

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This, however, is only the second-most-hilarious jet ski glitch in the game. It's also possible that your jet ski decides to fuck off without you, leaving Leon to hilariously hover over the water, slowly glancing down like Wile E.

Coyote the moment he realizes he's run off the cliff:. Capcom "No, come back!

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Baby, I can change! Then a moment later, he calmly goes zipping off after it, while a bewildered Ashley presumably wats from the dock and wonders if the whole adventure hasn't in fact been one long peyote trip.

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Rockstar Games. The genius of open-world sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto V is you can do pretty much anything you want, even if it has nothing to do with committing grand thefts of autos or anything else.

For instance, you can take a break from your hardened criminal life and relax on the golf course. But this is still a violent world, and if you manage to strike another golfer with the ball, all hell breaks loose:.

Rockstar Games "It's better than our original bug, where racist country club security would start shooting at Franklin regardless. Walloping some poor polo-shirt-clad richbro in the head with your tiny ball isn't just a violation of the "course rules" - it's somehow enough to make your character literally go catatonic with guilt. Try as you might, you can't move him.

Nude armor glits; User Info: Sila Sila98 years ago #1. I know about the scrp armor one Speaking of that, is there a way to make it fully nude, rather than partial? Also, are there any others? User Info: Gorkepork. Gorkepork years ago #2. It was possible in the first version of that mod before it was ated(I believe it's deleted now), just keep your eyes peeled, nude mods pop up Unless, of course, you come across the right glitch, such as the one we get during the epic climax of Resident Evil 4. Leon Kennedy has just rescued Ashley Graham, the President's daughter, who was being held captive by a dwarf who commands an army of monsters and a giant robot. The zombie-infested facility they're in is about to self-destruct, and their only method of escape is a nearby jet About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators

He simply lets the club drop from his hands and awaits death. And death shall swiftly come.

Cops apparently have a standing kill-on-sight order for anybody who dares harm the country club's favorite Chad. All you can do is watch as your character is brutally gunned down.

In fact, the overriding message of the game seems to be that nonsensical horror awaits anyone who devotes time to non-criminal activity. Here's what can happen when you try to take a leisurely bike ride along the beach:.

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Rockstar Games "Free demonic possession with every bike rental. Okay, we're not sure that one is so much "glitch" as it is "the programmers amusing themselves" - if you catch a cab and accidentally set the destination for the open sea, by God the driver will do what you ask. If you skip the cab ride animation, the taxi spontaneously plops into the Pacific Ocean, the driver consigning himself to his own watery death.

He died doing what he loved. Electronic Arts.

When EA Sports took over the UFC video game license from THQ or stole itdepending on which set of lawyers you preferfans were hoping for the best. What they got was a twisted orgy of nightmares.

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It's a game where realistic-looking humans fight other realistic-looking humans, in a world where reality itself has been twisted into a mind-bending horror. Electronic Arts "Bones on, bones off" was one of Mr. Miyagi's shittier lessons. And yet he keeps kicking, his legs nothing but floppy sacks of skin, his fragile mind unable to comprehend the madness.

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But soon, his opponent, Alexander Gustafsson, finds that the glitch gods spare no one. After sticking to the canvas like somebody slathered it with Gorilla Glue, Gustafsson miraculously flips into the air without even bothering to stand up first and then finds himself able to sail across the ring with the majesty of a mannequin flying out of the back of a speeding dump truck:.

Electronic Arts Strengths: striking, speed Weaknesses: jiu-jitsu, physics. Sony Computer Entertainment. Baseball video games have been around forever, and they're all pretty much the same.

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Hit the ball, run to first, another guy hits the ball, run to second, keep going until somebody wins or everybody gets bored and decides to screw around on Mario Kart instead. But stick with MLB The Show 14and you will be rewarded with hilarity.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Usewhich became effective December 20, A lot of the problems players are experiencing are frustrating - like frame rate issues and crashing. Best glitch ever. Cyberpunk pic. cyberpunk CyberpunkGame noticed a glitch where female penis does not stay in pants in inventory screen. Or is it a feature?

Best first glitch for Cyberpunk so far pic. So I got this weird glitch in my game that caused my dick to show through my pancreas but why does my character look like you?

Best naked glitches

lildickytweets pic. Apparently, this is not only a problem for penises. Breasts cannot be contained, either. But honestly, what do I know?

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Regina George did it. Yeah true.

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I do have the original RUNP so I can be nude, that's not really an issue. I got those two from yesterday but they weren't my style I'm more of an RUNP body type of person anyway.

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I just want to see if I can get some other bodies nude. Wish I didn't delete Vectorized textures by accident : That was a good texture. Oh well. My character looks pretty good with RUNP anyway. EDIT: I did find a way to get Beauties of Skyrim nude. User Info: Vdizzle. Vdizzle posted How is it done?


How is what done? Use scrp armor. Put on bra or cuirass and nothing else. User Info: Artifice Here's a link to HD Specs' Discord channel. He uses it to notify people on the server if mods are going up.

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You'll need your own personal satisfaction lube. Star Trek vs Star Wars - Actual Trailer! Thanks man. Does this work with all body mods?

User Info: WeskerTeam. User Info: Conner4REAL. I feel so bad for people who don't have access to the mods they want because of bethnets crap.

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