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You know that iconic moment when Oprah gave away a car to everyone in the audience? Well, with all the jibber-jabber about anal as of late, I like to imagine her saying, "You get to try anal! And you get to try anal! Sound crazy? Let me remind you that, considering 6 percent of adult women have tried anal sex , there are more people indoctrinated into the Anal Sex Club than there are who own cats! Or actually like Crocs! And there's a reason: It feels good.

They actually hold your legs to better angle you.

Best anal positions

How it works: In this staple, your partner lies on their back, and you crawl on top of them. From there, you can easily penetrate your partner's behind. Your partner should be on their back, their legs completely thrown behind them, so their body is in a C-shape. How it works: You two sit on the bed, face-to-face and close together. Your partner is straddling you, with their legs planted next to your side or wrapped around you.

Your legs are resting next to their side. Your sts can touch. You can kiss. You can wrap your arms around your partner, holding them tightly. You'll fall in love with this position and each other. How it works: You should be seated upright at the end of the bed. Then have your partner get into position with their hands firmly planted on the floor in front of them. Grab your partner by the hips to position them over you.

This position is slightly strenuous for the bottom, but you can help them by holding most of their weight. Their hands should only be used to steady themselves. You can also really control their movement by moving their hips. Their body should be at a degree angle. How it works: You sit on the edge of the bed with your feet planted on the floor. Then bend back slightly, supporting your upper body on your elbows.

Have you partner then sit on your lap with their back towards you. They should put their legs on the corner of the bed for support. You can hold onto your partner's hips. How it works: Stand at the edge of a bed or desk while your partner lies back and raises their legs to their st.

Grab their ankles and enter them. Try inserting ur finger inside slowly then moving it side to side back to front the in a circular motion with lots of lube then he can insert his penis slowly a little bit then stop a little more then stop until he is fully inside you then he can slowly start to go in and out make sure there is still plenty of lube inside you.

The Bum Hole is BEST, a slightly aroused Hole is a beautiful round shapeThe aroma of a slightly pungent sweaty hole is beyond compare of sexual smells, the soft skin is so pleasing to lick, kiss and suck on the differing shapes, sizes and colours of the anus as it gets aroused is visually amazing. Plus a man and woman have oneso all foreplay can be shared too.

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A circumcised penis will be less naturally lubricated than one with an intact foreskin. It may help. to work your way up in size. and how much experience do you have, prior to your present lover? Just go and get the lube called fisting lube, it will numb you extremely well for anal penetration. Just to chip in here.

Best Anal Sex Positions - Lying Sideways For a more relaxed anal experience, try lying on your side on the bed (11). Bend your upper leg at the knee and hip, and place it on a pillow. The giver can straddle your lower leg (which is straight) and use their hands or a toy Cowgirl anal Penis-in-vagina cowgirl gives you the reins, and the same goes for the anal sex version of this woman-on-top position. With your partner reclining face-up, straddle your knees on Why it's good: Squatted positions like leapfrog and squatting cowgirl are great for anal because they allow for deep penetration, even if your partner's booty is on the bigger side. 10 Legs on

I never advise using a numbing lube. OR English may not be her first language. Try not to be so ethnocentricjudgmentaland masochistic. Everyone has a right to try and find pleasure, even those without perfect spelling.

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Even you, with your run-on sentences and horrible punctuation. I was going to say something about the Grammer and spelling. and the whole god thing. Come on man!!!!! This isyou should be a little more educated than this. It is pretty obvious english is not her first language. Else go get an education. One born everyday.

There should be no worries at all, what matters is whether you people understood her. On my side, I really got what she implied. Therefore, coconut oil is best. It ever crossed your mind the person posting might be from a non English speaking country? Typical American, thinking nothing exists outside their borders. And who died and made you a professor? As this was an honest question from someone you know absolutely nothing about.

Certified Master Sex Expert and Educator, Sex Coach and "So Tight" Sensual Fitness Personal Trainer Nikki Ransom endorses the cowgirl position for anal newbies. She explains, "This position will Anal sex often leaves you staring off into the distance, so this position is great for people who want a sexy view. From missionary position, have your partner enter you slowly. Hold onto their The Bulldog is the best of them all. Upright Doggy Style. If you're looking for something a little naughty to add to your repertoire, we highly recommend this variation on the traditional Doggy Style anal sex position. Jockey. A great change-up from the traditional Doggy Style anal sex position, the Jockey puts him at just the right angle for maximum penetration. Rodeo. If you want to try this

You decided to be a dou and run your ignorant mouth about something totally irrelevant to the conversation at hand. So before you go opening that trap you call a mouth again, have a little consideration for those your speaking with or JUST SHUT THE FK UP.

There is nothing that prohibits anyone to have sexual enjoyment in different ways and styles with there partner!!!! What you doing on this page if you want to bring the name of God!!!

Into conversation here. stay of pages as this!!! If this offends you!!!! Instructions unclear. Will try again later and report back.

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They should worry about themselves. I do t understand anyone getting anything out of s nasty reply. And God is relative anyway, my conception may not be yours and vice versa.

Bottom line, God is faith, but faith is sort of a fancy word for opinion. But to others its firmly your opinion. Anyone having spelling and other errors in their posts, yes, likely can be from another country or culture and we need to give them some slack and appreciate that they made the effort.

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For myself, I am fairly highly educated in the English language retired court reporter and you would not believe the mistakes that I get in texting where this automatic correction dingbat screws up many words on me!!! And re mistakes in texts, you just skip over the mistakes and figure out the bad word by context - so, fairly easy, and fast. Buy an anal plug if it hurts If you stretch the muscle enough, it will be used to stretching without pain.

ALWAYS use a water based lubricant. Lube, Lube, and More Lube. Nothing is more painful for your sexy woman than a dry anus. Penetrate with a finger very slowly, then add a second. You will be able to feel her relax. only then do you SLOWLY enter her with your lubed up penis. Where is missionary? Mmmm mmmm. Ahh my cass was the one that got away.

Just what I woulda wanted her to say mhmm. Love that chick. her on her side with one leg between his and her other over his shoulder or over his opposite hip and him sliding in and out. her leg doing the splits on her back and him on top pushing her legs apart see saw, it can change the tightness and shape of the anal access.

Great point Blaine. If you are looking for more positions to try out, ck out the sex positions section.

Hi Anne and others with similar commentsI just wanted to say, keep in mind this guide is only a guide. There are all kinds of variations out there. It is up to the individual to discover what feels best to them.

Anal Sex Positions

For many people, anal is all new territory. For others, these positions are ways to spice things up- for fun or to save a relationship or whatever the case may be.

Either way, this is a simple guide to encourage exploration. Its not a karma sutra. Thanks Sean for the advice. I will be trying some of these out in the near future. I like the fact that she actually has a real body yea shes skinny but shes realistically skinny now a damn twig. Awesome ideas for new positions tho even for normal sex.

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Well, it is a choice open to each person. Eventually you may look for new pleasures to share with your partner, and change your mind.

But it is purely the decision of each individual. Great tips! But I find that no matter what me and my boyfriend try it always hurts. But I know that every once in a while he wants to do anal. Hi Sarah, this article will help make it easier. I think this is important to include in the procedure of entering. I see it mentioned that the penis enters and its going to hurt. There are several things to do about this. When it hurts, immediately pull out!

When warming up for anal sex, it helps to use foreplay, like squeezing nipples, deep kissing, rubbing the vulva, whatever turns the woman on.

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Having vaginal sex for a warmup is a great way to get the anal area relaxed and ready. Pour on plenty of lube, and enter slowly.

Give a moment for the body to recover and try again, pushing the penis slowly in and back. Say if you want it in more, or out again.

Generally the second try will go with comfort and no pain. And then it will be easy for the penis to move back and forth, and it will be pleasurable. In fact, it will start to be an incredible turn on.

Pure romance carries a product specifically for that that kind of numb s the area. to make it easier. My husband also loves anal. I am not a huge fan but on occassion I have actually enjoyed it. It also helps to have him play with my ass, either with his finger, or a vibrator, while we are having sex.

kinda warms it up and gets it ready. I find that I can actually cum from him doing that. As far as lube, I know nothing about it. We have never needed it. I produce plenty of my own lube. I am also a squirter so there is never a dry spot anywhere.

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Just tried See-Saw for the first time. I loved it ?? so tenderfacial expressions speak volumes.

Thanks for posting. Awesome girls n guys your all gonna be trying some of these moves with me!! So get your lube ready and bring it on HOT. why is the woman the one always receiving? Men have anuses too and can get pleasure from recieving.

If we are gonna talk about anal sex lets at least be open minded about it. Yes please! I want more about positions for a person to peg with a strap-on, or for for prostate pleasuring. Reshma Singh student Are you kidding me? I think his circumsized penis should shut your mouth. You complaining to not get enough in your ass?

Give me a break Oil the dick get it in and stop wining. Good point Taffy.

For those interested in missionary, ck out this article and demonstration. If you say you want your girlfriend to pound you it means you have no problem with her using the dildo on you and pound that ass of yours? Your models are truly professionals! All these pictures and takes!? Did they ever have to take a break and just get it over with and go back to the photos? I dont mean to be crude or crass!

The Pearly Gates is an anal sex position that is perfect for more intimate anal sex with your man. Couples love the Pearly Gates position as it's great not only for anal sex but for regular vaginal sex too as it's easy to hit the G-Spot thanks to the angles you are creating "The anal sex best position for people who are new is one that allows you to be in complete and total control," explains Evan Goldstein, M.D., CEO and founder of Bespoke Surgical, which specializes in helping men and women engage in anal play."That's why I say on-top is a preferred way to start-it allows you to control the angle of your pelvis and overall depth of insertion." Doggy style is the classic anal sex position for a reason: It's perfect for deep penetration, and you can arch your back for even deeper thrusts, which can help target that infamous A-spot. Try

But goodness! Justug watching made me want to find my gal!? When me and my bofriend got together 5 yrs ago the first time we ever had sex was anal sex because I was scared of loosing my virginity. but through out the years a lot of things have changed! I enjoy anal sex it hurts at first but it makes me orgasm a lot harder than just vaginal sex!

And i havent found out why that happens And my favorite anal position is either Doggy or missionary.

not pay attention!

My partner would like me to do anal on him. Do you have any advise? I would so love to try anal!

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But reconsider when the time comes. Advice please! This guide and this article on anal sex will help get you up to speed.

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Gently advance to next knuckle until U can take it all the way in. the best two positions are 17 and 18 when the anus is in the usual place, but most of the women that I did anal with usually have their anus in place of their vagina which makes doggy style the best for these types, but I do recommend plenty of Astroglide X. please i need your help so when i find another woman i will not have a problem with sex.

thank you. Hi Gbenga, in future I may create a section for sex tips for men. Me and boyfriend absolutely love this advice. We have to say it has really helped with our anal sex life. I have found that my favorites are the high chair, pearly gatesbody guard and the lap dance. Thank you Sean. So my man has been wanting to try anal and I personally find it uncomfortable. I want to please him and we have tried a few things.

Doggy style makes it hurt too much. I want to learn to like it and make him happy. Any suggestions? Hi y, this guide should help make it easier, less painful and more enjoyable for you. I love anal. It feels amazing and In past relationships i have gotten off alot in wildly numerous positions.

Well one night we had a few drinks and i climbed on top of him and inserted him into my vagina, after I cummed a few times i turned into the reverse cowgirl position and slowly inserted him in and out into my ass until i could take it all the way in.

Omg he went crazy but in a amazingly great way. He took my hips and began thrusting me into to air. Lol i had to hold onto him for dear life lol. He flipped me over and finished off in doggie style, well one leg up on his shoulder and other leg down in doggie style position. Im very flexible. Needless to say he loves it now. And it seems to be his favorite part of the bedroom rewards. Patience, trust, listening to each other, ready to try new things and LOTS of lube.

Ir you will tear and that hurts bad. Why were the models not shown naked?

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That way you get a much better idea about the desirability of various positions and have something good to look at. Hi, my man like sex. Especially, doggy. So, I use to did that by following your some tips. How to make him more crazy on me? Signing up to the newsletter is probably the best thing you can do.

You can sign up here. wow nice tips i hope i wll make use of them whn i visit my bf nxt tym.

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am a gay and i love those styls. Our sex life is somehow not bad at all. But confused with the term anal sex alma matter and regarding her sexual orgasm. When I go down on her she loves and enjoy moreover, she always crave for fingering in her vegina and ass at the same time with my tongue stimulating herand i love doing that expecting to have the favour in return but all in vain. but i never force her. She hardly suck my penis for a while and ask me to fuck in the vegina the moment she had all the pleasures and orgasm.

I just want to have the pleasure without forcing her. What should i do in this regardshould i go to a prostitute for blow job and ass fucking factors. Slowly, anal is entering the mainstream. And though it's not for everyone, more women are speaking out about the pleasure it brings them.

Whether it's your first time trying anal sex or you've experienced it before and are looking for some new ways to enjoy backdoor play, ck out these expert-recommended positions. Each makes anal sex comfortable, fun, and intimate. A little advice first: Enjoying anal means giving your body time to warm up and relax, plus using lots of lubricant.

Skipping these steps can cause discomfort or pain. And if you don't know your partner's STI status, use a condom, no exceptions. RELATED: How to Prepare for Anal Sex. When you think of anal sex, you probably think of the doggy style position. Start by positioning yourself on all fours, and have your partner kneel behind you, hands on your hips. From here, you can shift your hips back and forward to control the depth and rhythm.

RELATED: How Risky Is Anal Sex? A Gynecologist Explains. Penis-in-vagina cowgirl gives you the reins, and the same goes for the anal sex version of this woman-on-top position. With your partner reclining face-up, straddle your knees on either side of him. Then, slowly lower your booty onto his penis, and adjust to the snug, full feeling. As you move, having your partner touch your clit or hold a vibrator against it, Mackenzie Riel, relationship and sex expert with sex-toy company Too Timi tells Health.

RELATED: Anal Orgasms Are Real, Here's How to Have One.

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